Off to Day One Onstage
Day 2 Swap Shares

Day 1 Onstage and #offstage2016

WOW, WOW and WOW to the new Catalog.  The new colors are so refreshing and there are so many new things in the catalog.  My pocket book is going to take a huge hit.  The only bad thing is that I don't know what to order first.  I must say that there are not as many people here as there has been in the past few years.  I always take a  picture of everyone lining up.


Can you see some new colors?  Perhaps?

And what convention would be complete without swapping?


I saved my swaps for the #offstage2016 tonight, but had so much fun playing Bingo, watching demonstrations, and participating in the White Elephant Gift exchange that I forgot to swap.  Here are some of the gifts.  There were 64 in all.

IMG_0322 - Version 2

It was a riot watching people stealing gifts.  I was the last to pick.  I had my eye on a home made gift, but it was stolen.  It was fun and a huge thank you to Kevin Theesen for organizing #offstage2016.

Looking forward to Day 2.  Will share as much as I can.



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