Tuesday Things
20 ML in 20 Minutes

Convention Exhaustion

Wow, you never know how tired you are until you stop.  Last night was a "veg" night for me.  I really should have cleaned up the Convention mess.  (I unpacked my suitcases).  I forgot about this swap that I got.  I was down to my 3x3 cards that weren't swapped in that organized swap and this lady ( I forgot her name and it wasn't on the back of the swap) gave me this 3D swap.  I got to talking to her and she says that she will email me.  I sure hope so as I would love to visit her blog.  She loves to do punch art.  This project is so dang cute.  I think I will make some for the SPCA Craft Fair. 

IMG_6894 - Version 2

Maybe, I will make some Christmas related ones as well.  This could definitely be a lunch hour project for me.  I try to do some productive things on my lunch hours.  Every minut counts right?

Off to work. 

Have a great day .




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