5 and 1
It is Chrismas Eve

Off to Calgary today

I feel like a little kid, I am so excited to go to Calgary. I can't wait to hug everyone and get to know Keira.  I haven't been back to Calgary since July.  I am so afraid that I am going to forget something. If I did, I guess I could always try to find it there.  I am really done with Christmas making, but I still have to make the annual Christmas Crackers.  I am taking those with me to do.  I did make one more Christmas card this year.  I do not know why I am stuck on Black and White and the Best of Christmas stamp set.  Maybe because it is classy.


Only 4 days, and I am closer to being ready.  Well, not that ready.  Tonight we are working on the Tinkerbell party stuff.  I will try to capture a picture or two of that.  Then, the party tomorrow.  Exciting times.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday.



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