Having a blast in Calgary
It's been a day fit for a Princess

Brrrr, it is cold here

Wow, we have the strangest of weather in Calgary.  Yesterday it was 10˚ at 2 pm and then at 9pm it was -29˚.  Today it was -25˚ with the windchill. Karoline and Eve, braved it to go outside.  Man, it was cold outside.  There was such a wind that we didn't have much snow on our side of the street, but Eve tried to make a snow angel anyways.


They weren't out long, but you you can tell by this picture, that it was cold.  Check out those cheeks.


Eve made a special gift for Daddy as well.


I have been teaching Eve some colours.  She cracks me up when she calls the crayons, violet, hot pink and magenta.  I don't know if she will have a hard time with her teacher when she goes back to school.  Just wait until I teach her the Stampin' Up colours. I can bet that she will pick up the colours quickly.

Stay warm.





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