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Out of the mouth of Babes

I am so fortunate that Karoline, my Daughter-in-Law, sends me pictures of the kids.  They are starting early with Christmas decorating.    In the email from Karoline, this is what Eve and Karoline talked about during their special time together.  The email went like so... "Tonight she asked me why I got married, then proceeded to tell me that she wished she was an adult so she can marry her daddy because the boys in her class are too little. So cute. "   Out of the mouth of Babes, eh?   She sent me these adorable pictures and I just had to share them.

Image 1

and her starting to decorate the tree.

Image 4

She also has a Birthday Party coming up.  I go the most amazing call at work.  It was from Eve, with Daddy's help.  She told me that she was practicing making Cake Pops for her "Party"


She is going with the Tinkerbell theme.

Image 2

That looks like some pretty colored icing.  I was wondering if anyone has some cute Tinkerbell ideas or we can find SVG file downloads.  

Off to a tag swap today and then the SPCA Craft Fair.  Then back home to do some more creating.

Have a wonderful day.





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