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Tuesday's Specials

Meeting Deadlines

Man, do I like to put myself under pressure.  I was out shopping for goodies for Eve and Keira's Advent calendar.  Do you know how hard it is to find things that that will fit into a small 1 1/2" container.  I am now thinking that the little advent containers were not such a great idea, but I think I did it. I will be making some modifications though.   Craft Fairs are an awesome place to find things.  Now I have to make the one for Keira.  Nothing like pressure.  It has to be on the bus by Saturday or Sunday.

Do you or any member in your family do advent calendars?  My boys always had one, but it was the ones with the chocolate.  I wasn't very energetic back then.

Another thing I always wait until the last minute, is swaps.  I was in an ATC/tag swap yesterday and just got the tags done at 9, the night before. Here are the ones that I did.


I know that I was inspired to do this by something I saw somewhere.  Maybe it was Pinterest.  I also used up a bunch of ribbon from my ribbon piece bin.  I knew I was saving the little pieces for something.

Did you know that it is a month until Christmas?  Are you getting ready?  I bet I will still be doing something on Christmas Eve.  LOL

Have a great day.







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