Stamp Camp today
Getting ready.........

Wow what a day!

I am so tired after yesterday's stamp camp.  I bet the ladies are as well.  I have used these Stamp Camps as a way of teaching some intricate techniques.  The ladies learn the different cuts and techniques by moving from station to station. Don't they look like they are intent on what they are doing?

IMG_5759 - Version 2

Now, I am looking at revamping my approach after some feedback from the ladies.  I am thinking that I may just do "over the top classes"  to do the more complicated projects and leave the stamp camp for more simplified projects.  I just want to share so much.  I also want to give them value for the price. 

Weather wasn't in our favor.  It was so windy, so we couldn't enjoy our lunch on the porch. 

IMG_5758 - Version 2

The only thing the wind was good for, was giving us electricity.  This cabin that we use, is totally green.  The power is wind and solar.  Because of the wind yesterday, we only dropped the power by a few notches.  I bet it powered up within hours. 

I am now thinking about my Stamp Set of the Month Class on October 12th and 13th.  Also I have my annual Christmas Card Class on October 26th and 27th.  Hope to see you there.



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