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Still my Serenity

I cannot believe that it has been 11 years since my Dad and I build my Pond and Waterfall in my back yard.  It was a true labour of love.  And frustration on my Dad's and son's part.  I couldn't decide where to put this particular 100 pound rock.  LOL  I had to take this picture yesterday when the yellow flowers were out in bloom.  I love the natural look.  The pond is just below my bedroom window and I love the sound of running water.  It still brings me serenity.


After we finished the pond, I also tried my hand in Scrapbooking.  I think that was the beginning.  I can't resist from showing the picture of one of my first pages.  Just before I got hooked to Stampin' Up.


LOL  I laugh when I look at my first pages.  Actually, they are about my only pages.  Once Stampin Up came into my life, I got hooked on cards and paper crafting.

Hope you have a great Monday.



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