Still Tired
A Convention swap

Convention Displays

Over the next while I will post off and on some of the things on the display boards at Convention.  I am having a camera issue and can't take pictures of the swaps that I made.  Here are a couple of things that I was impressed with.  Not like I have to make them, but I am always so shocked  with what people can think up.  I wish I had that talent. 

This first one is a typewriter, all made from paper and accessories from Stampin' Up.   Just amazing!!


And here is one that would make a cute center for a table.  And guess what no calories.


A lot of times I visit these projects two or three times just to look at them again.  They were done by Stampin' Up's Concept Artists.  What a job!!!  One of the Best Jobs in the World.  I think I also have one of the Best Jobs being a Stampin' Up Consultant.  I love what I do.

Have a great day.



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