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Let's help a Kamloops Grown reach his dreams

Calling all friends, relatives and people around the world to support Chris Henschel reach his dreams.  He grew up in Kamloops and moved to Montreal in 2005 to go to school in the Film Industry.


Meet my oldest son, Chris Henschel.  I am such a proud Mom!!!

Here is what has happened in the last few weeks.


He has  been shortlisted for one of the ‘Best Jobs in the World’, a competition run by Tourism Australia, and I need your help!

‘The Best Jobs in the Word’ competition has 6 different job openings, for which it received over 600,000 entries! Of these, 150 entries were shortlisted - only 8 of which are Canadians. Right now Chris is one of 25 people vying for the position of Lifestyle Photographer, but in order to win this competition he needs to generate publicity and media interest.

So this is where I am asking you to come in. 

Help Chris Henschel get to Australia! Chris is one of 25 shortlisted candidate in the Lifestyle Photographer category for Tourism Australia's 'Best Job in the World' competition. He's the best one for the job, so spread the word!
Please share his Face Book page.  Like it and follow him and get this out to as many people  as we can.
View his application Video on Youtube and leave a comment for him.   He is putting something together with all the endorsements.
I really appreciate it.  Thanks a million.

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