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Making a video

One thing that I want to do this year, is to start doing videos for this blog. Here is a video that my son, Chris, did about 4 years ago when he was doing a gig on the use of cell phones.  He posted this one on Facebook  and it just reminds me why I haven't done a video yet.  I will hide my embarrassment and let you see it.  Being behind the scene, is a riot.  Actually Chris and I laughed about it last night. 


I am not an actor, but I guess you don't have to when you do instructional videos.  It's all about the content, right?.  Anyways, we had so many laughs doing this, before and after.  I am sending him the Dude, Your Welcome.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with it!!!  It will be inspiring, that I am sure of.




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