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More Pics from the Stamp Camp

Carol Milgram kindly sent me some more pictures from the Stamp Camp last weekend.  I wanted to share them with you.  Tomorrow I will share another Stampin Up Ad.

When the ladies got up to the cabin on Boot Hill, I gave them a tour of the cabin.  Here is Norma Dalgleish and I up in the loft.


Everything in this cabin is environmentally friendly.  The power is sourced from solar and wind power.  I then showed them the bathroom.....  How did this picture get in there?  heheh

Spurs on

There actually is a toilet.  During the breaks, the ladies enjoyed the view out on the porch. Here you see Irene Bazell, Sam Wilkinson and I chit chatting.


And near the end of the day, here is Carol Yoshy and Kathy Kuroyama feverishly finishing their Christmas Tri-Shutter Album.  Karen Moore is in the back.




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