The countdown has begun ... 30 days left
28 days and counting.

29 days left and a Big Shot Winner

As I said yesterday, I wanted to show you some pictures of the Big Shot Winner at our Semi Annual Paper Crafter's Affiar.  For the weekend, Sue and I were wanting the winners of the many prizes to get into the Stampin Up excitement.  We told them that at the Stampin Up events when someone won, they would jump up, dance,  scream and whatever.  The excitement was getting more and more like what we were discribing as the weekend wore on.  The final draw was for the BIG SHOT.  Even if you have one, wouldn't you enter?  When the winning number was announced, there was dead silence........... for maybe a second until the winner, Carol won.  She danced, cried screamed, but so did a lot of other people.  As the saying goes.... a picture says a thousand words.


And another.


an Carol celebrating with Sue.


I think every one was so excited for her.

Now for another Retirement stamp.  I was given this beautiful gift by Sam Wilkinson.

Triple Layer Punch

Isn't it so pretty?  My goodness, I was thrilled to get it.  Anything that Sam does is so beautiful.  She used the Triple Treat Flower Stamp 122909 found on page 18.  This stamp set will not be available after May 30th.

Note to self.....make sure that the picture is turned the right way.  This gift just makes you stand on your head.  ( Sorry, poor sense of humour)



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