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Stylish Wow, a big thank you to Colleen Vassos who nominated me for the Stylish Blogger award.  Check out her blog by clicking on her name above.  I just love everything that she does.  I met Colleen at Convention last year.  Now the one thing that you have to do when you recieve this award is tell 7 things about yourself.  Oh What to tell and What not to tell??  heheheh

1.  I am a bit of a Risk Taker.  I have gone White Water rafting down the Mighty Thompson River 3 times.  I have also Bungee Jumped twice.  And I have gone on a week long Cattle Drive just out of Kamloops.

2.  I have 2 sons, 1 Daughter-in-law, 1 Grand Daughter and 1 Soon to be Daughter -in- law.  The Wedding is taking place in Ottawa in August.

3.  I have worked in the Finance Business for over 20 years. 

4.  I am afraid of Snakes.  I have a snake that keeps coming back to my Fish Pond in my back yard.  Last year when I saw it, I couldn't sleep because I was afraid that it was going to eat my tiny Koi Fish.  Apparently they can eat a mouse.  ugh

5.  I have a puppy called Takita.  She just loves it when the ladies come over to the house for Club. I wonder why when Carol, Sam and Pat bring her treats.  She also likes to steal sponges and pearls off my craft table.

This is tough !!!

6.  I wish I could do my Stampin Up Business Full time.

7.  I must confess that I am a bit of a Hoarder.   No not to the extreme as on the Television show, but in my craft room.  I am slowly purging my stuff.  I still have the original Stampin Up Stamp set that I bought.  It only retired last year but I have all my other stamp sets that have retired for a few years now.  I feel that I can't part with them just in case I might use them.  I have so much ribbon and STUFF!  I wonder how many other Stampers hoard their Stamps and Accessories?

That was difficult.  Thanks again Colleen.

'Til later,



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