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There is nothing like getting home and knowing that you will be able to go to sleep in your own bed.  At the beginning of today, I wouldn't have thought that this was possible.  Elaine, Alison, Mo and I arrived at the airport in Nashville at 8:15 ish to leave at 10.  Things were going as planned.  We grabbed something to eat.  Got to the Departure gate and was advised that the plane was going to be a bit late.  To make a long story short.......  it was over 2 hours late.  As Stampin Up Demonstrators, we did what one thing that we all do at our Meetings.  We started taking pictures of all the other Demonstrators swaps.  There were some awesome ones.  I was sitting on the floor clicking away and neglected to get the names of all the talented Stampers.  I want to apologize to these fantastic stampers as I really would like to give them credit.  Here is just one picture that I got. 


This picture really doesn't do this card justice.  Again, if this is your swap, please let me know and I will give you credit.  

On with the story...  when we got into Toronto, we had to go through customs and get to the Departure gate.  Needless to say, we made it, but I bet the scene of us running through the airport was hilarious.  Speaking for myself, I am not as athletic as I used to be in my younger years.  At least we had a 5 hour flight to rest up for the 9 gate dash to catch the plane to Kamloops.  We made it!!  Where there is a will, there is a way.

'Til Later,




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