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The Internet or not

How frustrating is it when you call your internet provider to help with your connection and they don't do a thing? Or they get you doing this and that because they don't have a clue what is wrong?  I must say that I am completely frustrated with my internet server.  For over 2 weeks now I have called everyday to have my service fixed.Monday they were suppose to send out a technician when I got off of work.  Oh they sent the Technician out, but as I had said to them, I would not be home until after 5:30 and I had given them my cell number.  The Technician was phoning me at home before noon that he was waiting outside my house.  There is definately a communication breakdown. Funny that I'm dealing with a Communication Company and there is no communication.  Anyone else have this problem?  I wish I could  send a picture of my frustration grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Hopefully they show up on Saturday on time.

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