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Off to Montreal

   I can't believe that I am doing this in the Vancouver Airport, but here I am waiting for the boarding call for my flight to Montreal.  I just love Montreal.  It has so much to offer.  My son moved there over 4 years ago to go to Film School at Concordia.  So......  do you think I can get him to help me with a video?  I guess time will tell if I have a video on here or not.  I really don't like being in a video myself, but who else would be in it?                                                                                                       I plan on working on My Digital StudioDigital Studio   on the plane.  Again, I guess time will tell how successful I will be with that.  It alway seems that I am working on my crafts on the plane.  Two years ago I did a Christmas scrapbook and last year I colored my ATCs that I had to get done for a swap.  I swear the people beside me think that I am nuts.  Too bad for them, they just get to watch a  movie. 

There's the call for boarding.  Talk to you from Montreal.


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